ServiceRICH is a half-day workshop specifically designed to enhance your team’s Customer Service skills.

Turn your customers into a force of motivated, passionate salespeople …

Imagine having your very best customers constantly doing your selling for you. What would your bottom line look like if you had new customers flooding through your doors without having to spend anything on advertising? It may seem impossible … but the truth is, it is surprisingly simple to implement into your business.

Your best customers bringing business to you … Our powerful ServiceRICH workshop will show you how you and your team can make top class customer service a way of life in your business.

Who should attend our ServiceRICH Workshop?

• Business Owners • Sales Managers • Sales People
• Customer Service Representatives • Marketing Personnel • Reception and another frontline team

“We firmly believe that the way to build, sustain and grow an accomplished business – is through excellence in Servicing our Customers.

“We guide our Clients’ Teams in the most effective and efficient ways in which to effectively accomplish this. We work relentlessly hand in glove with our Clients and their teams to drive this”,  says CEO of ActonCOACH Belfast, Mark Shortt.

  • How to use “open-ended” questions to create a better service experience that builds rapport and relationships
  • Specific strategies for effective sales scripts and processes
  • The five areas to focus on in your business to improve service immediately
  • The main reason customers take their business elsewhere – and how to prevent it
  • Strategies to increase client retention and repeat business
  • The importance of consistent service
  • Why client retention is better than finding new customers

These are some of the important areas which are embedded within ServiceRICH sessions and behaviours managed and driven. 

The ServiceRICH workshop lasts for at least 4 hours and Team coaching packages start from £775 + VAT.

Get in touch to find out more about our team coaching plans.