So, what is business coaching?

The concept of business coaching is simple. A business coach will do for your business what a sports coach might do for a successful sports team. They will help you identify what your goals and dreams for your business are, and they will help you to get there.

The exact details of the coaching will depend on:
  1. The individual needs of your business
  2. What kind of coaching you can afford or have time to commit to

Coaching isn’t only for businesses that are struggling. A business coach is there to help a business at every stage. Early on, this might look like eliminating the chaos in the everyday running of the business. From there, it might be helping you to put systems in place, or work on building a successful team. Every coach will have different methods and different ideas as to the specific sessions.

If you choose group coaching, you will have the advantage of being surrounded by other like-minded business owners. This will give you the chance to bounce ideas off other people and network. If you choose 1:1 coaching, it will be more of a time and cost commitment, but the coaching will be more specific to your needs.

In 1:1 sessions your coach will discuss your marketing, sales, team, profit margins, and systems. When they have a thorough understanding of where you and your business are at, they will help you to make a specific and tangible goal, and then they will help you to reach it.

It might be to have more free time, to increase sales, to improve marketing strategies.

The answer to what business coaching is might be slightly different for every company. If you’re wondering if coaching is for you, you can take our self-assessment quiz or read our article here.