What is the difference between a life coach and a business coach?

A life coach will work with you on your personal life and personal goals. These will undoubtedly overlap with other goals you may have, whether fitness, lifestyle, or professional. Life coaches will help you deal with time management, goal setting and finding work-life balance, depending on your needs. You might need help in financial, emotional, mental, or physical areas of your life, and this is where your life coach will work with you.

A business coach will work with you on your specific business related objectives and ideas.

A business coach will look at where your business is at as things stand. They will look at your accounts with you, your company’s profit margins and overheads, the systems you have in place, and your sales and marketing strategies.

Depending on the difficulties or challenges your business might be facing, your coach will help you to develop and implement a strategy. If you’re experiencing rapid growth, for example, your business coach will help you look at how to scale your business, right down to the specific details regarding recruitment and delegation.

The question to ask is which areas of your life could use fresh perspective and an honest opinion. If you are looking for input into your business, then a business coach is a good choice for you.

If you need help getting general career direction, help with lifestyle concerns, or other areas related to your personal life, then a lifestyle coach could be a good start.