Who are the Best Business Coaches / Coaches in Belfast and Northern Ireland?


Are you looking for a the very best Business Coach for your business in Belfast or Northern Ireland? Perhaps its some other type of Coaching you had in mind? It’s often hard to know which Business Coach or Coach to hire and grow you or your business, especially when you live in an area like Belfast / NI, which both have many Coaches that provide many different services.


Lets be honest, ActionCOACH is purely aims at guaranteeing business growth and also in mindset and Learning for business leaders and owners, but we are honest enough to admit that Clients may require a different type of coaching – we will discuss this with you during our on-boarding process.


Should you require a specific Business Coach in Belfast or Northern Ireland that is purely business related and guarantees results in your business and growth in your personal education in business (like us at here ActionCOACH Belfast)? Or a different type of coach around mindfulness / career / mindset / lifestyle etc?


Some Business Coaches in Belfast or across Northern Ireland don’t have much presence online, so you might need to rely on Google’s local review scores to narrow down your list of potential providers.


You should always ask targeted questions of any prospective Business Coach, to figure out if they’ve got the track record experience and if they can bring outcomes you desire. Use our Build Your Own Coaching Package ( https://belfast.actioncoach.co.uk/build-your-own-coaching-package ) checklist to get an idea of what you require.


Feel free to use these same questions to interview your possible Coaches / Businesses.


Some people also prefer group coaching, but many prefer to have the specialised focus, tailored and bespoke attention that 1-1 Coaching brings.


If you’re not yet sure which type would suit you best, our Build Your Own Package tool  (link above) can help you narrow your focus and figure which type of Coach or business can help you best.


Once you know enough about what you want, it’s time to start vetting Business Coaches in Belfast for your business, or anywhere else surrounding Northern Ireland for that matter.


This list of five of the top business Coaches in Belfast and Northern Ireland is here to help you make an informed decision about which type of Business Coaching is best for you or your business. Everyone on this list has a minimum 5-star average across multiple Google local reviews.


We have created this list as a means to help anyone along the journey in selecting the correct Business coach for them or their business and is an honest view of their services. Each Coach and Business Coach is listed with information from their own websites, as well as the types of Coaching they offer and their known service areas.


We have also added the links to their websites / platforms to aid you in making an informed choice about what exactly you require.


In no particular order, the top 5 Business Coaches in Belfast and Northern Ireland that we recommend that you check out are –


  1. Doreen Richie – Doreen Richie is a Life and Executive Coach in Belfast, Northern Ireland and also offers services online. Amongst services offered, is Finance Coaching and Life and Relationship Coaching – https://www.doreenritchiecoaching.com/


  1. Tom Smyth, The Entrepreneur – is a certified mindset Life-Coach, speaker and mentor. Tom Smyth is also the Managing Director of Dream Apartments in Belfast, which offers high-end serviced apartments across the UK – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-smyth-bb395615b/ https://dreamapartments.co.uk/


  1. Advance Coach, based in Dromore Co Down – offers Coaching and Mentoring, with career progression, women in Leadership and corporate services among the services they provide – https://www.advancecoach.co.uk/


  1. Healthy Mind Coaching & Training are based in Belfast are Well-being Practitioners working with individuals, professionals and organisations on issues such as negative thoughts, unhelpful feelings and unhealthy behaviours either in personal life or at work, aim to change defeating mindsets – https://healthymindcoaching.co.uk/


  1. Executive Coaching Consultancy coaches business leaders and their teams to navigate key transitions in a constantly changing and volatile business environment. We focus on strengthening performance by helping people to thrive and meet the challenges posed by 21st century realities – https://executive-coaching.co.uk/coaches/paula-wilson