A lot of people want to know exactly how much business coaching costs. The reason it’s hard to getting accurate information about exactly how much business coaching costs is because it varies from coach to coach, but it also depends on your needs as a unique company or business owner.

Each business coach will have different strategies for deciding how much to charge you, but in general you can expect to pay anything from £50 a month for group sessions up to £10,000 a month for individual, tailor-made packages that allow you 24/7 access to your coach and include training workshops for your entire team.

Most businesses will find something that suits them somewhere in the middle, and your business coach will help you to decide what kind of package would best suit your needs.

The following areas will impact how much your coaching will cost:

  1. Whether you prefer group or individual training. Group training costs less, but is also less specific. However, the benefit of group coaching is that you get to throw around ideas with other business owners who are in a similar position to you. Individual training is more expensive as it allows you to make a specific plan for your business and your goals. For example, if you’re looking to generate more leads, make more sales, or improve your specific marketing strategy, you might prefer to have the one on one attention and time of a coach.
  2.  How much you’re willing or able to spend per month. Your business budget might be what dictates the amount your coaching costs. If you can set aside £50 per month, you can choose a group session that fits in with what you’re able to spend.
  3. The specific needs of your business. Where you’re at and how your business is doing might be the deciding factor about how much your business coaching costs. Sometimes, businesses that are experience rapid growth will end up spending the most amount monthly because they need fast and flexible solutions and they need extensive troubleshooting. It’s important to remember that coaching isn’t only for businesses that are struggling.

Whilst it’s difficult to give precise numbers as to how much coaching will cost for your company, keep in mind that most coaches will have flexible prices to suit your needs. The better question to ask may be: is coaching right for me?