how business coaching works

First we arrange a call for your DIAGNOSTIC

DIAG stands for diagnostic. This is a call that lasts around 90 minutes where we discuss:

  • Your current situation. A snapshot of your business, as it stands right now
  • Your business goals
  • Where you would like to see your business go

Next up we meet for your Alignment

This is a face to face meeting where we:

  • Set the precise details of the plan we are going to put in place
  • Construct short and medium term plan
  • Carry out a 90 day planning session
  • Take information you have provided and create a succinct plan to drive growth in your business

When we’re satisfied we’re on the same page, your coaching begins.

Depending on which package you choose, this may include:

  • A monthly strategy and implementation session with your coach
  • feedback from your coach
  • 90 day planning
  • Books and training
  • Workshops or seminars for you and your team
  • DISC Behavioural Profile

If you’re interested, you can get in touch here or build your own package.